The End is the Beginning

As this is a blog about what I do with my time now that I’m unemployed, I figured the logical place to start would be with my last and longest job.

For the last three years I worked as a copywriter at an ad agency in Philadelphia. There was a steady stream of marginally hilarious people and a fairly relaxed substance abuse policy, which I guess is the combined allure of the ad industry as a whole. You can wear a t-shirt, get drunk all day Friday, hang out with people like you and collect a paycheck for making some shit up about Beer or Tourism that is, if it’s successful, funny enough for your Dad to send to his “group of other lawyers I am friends with” e-mail chain.

It was with mixed feelings that I cleaned out the file cabinet by my desk that I converted into a bar, transferred my music to a stolen external hard drive and left, entering the tattered masses of the unemployed. I’m sure there’s a time when I look back on it, I’ll completely understand everything with Oprah-like clarity. The strange thing is, when I think back on it now, it already seems  different, even when I look at  my goodbye video, I wonder who that asshole really was.


One response to “The End is the Beginning

  1. Finally documented on video! Love!

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