The Pizza Reach-Around

I recently saw this trailer for a video about Domino’s Pizza:

If you’re like me, you made it through about the first twenty seconds of the “Pizza Turn Around”, a blah-fest that’s apparently about why Domino’s sucked and why it doesn’t anymore. That doesn’t mean you’re missing out on another four minutes of circle-jerkery, it means that your main take away from this new campaign is the trailer. The only parts of which I remember being “cardboard crust” and “processed cheese”.

This whole thing makes me think the Domino’s people could learn a lot from everyday relationships. If you cheat on your girlfriend, telling her before she finds out on her own doesn’t mean she’s not going to break up with you, it just means there’s less of a chance of a ball-kick on her way out the door. Telling us your Pizza sucked for fifty years doesn’t make us want to eat it, it just reminds us why we shouldn’t.

My answer? Bring this bastard back with his own show on Adult Swim:

I guarantee you’ll sell more pizzas.


One response to “The Pizza Reach-Around

  1. hah i totally forgot about The Noid. Why was that bastard always so miserable? Probably because he had to eat Dominos pizza.

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