Whoopmii Goldberg

I feel a responsibility to make each day of unemployment as productive as possible. There’s a good chance I’ll never have this opportunity again, this time to explore my creativity and try new things, to learn and grow. It’s why I greet each morning with renewed vigor and the self-promise that I’ll chase down my dreams. That’s why I took a few hours to make this:


Yep, you guessed it, it’s a Whoopi Goldberg Mii. Why, you ask? It’s obvious. So that when people come over to play Wii they will think Whoopi Goldberg was here and played before them. Not only will they think she was here, but that me and Whoopi are close enough for her to make a Mii, a clear sign she’ll be back. Why, you still ask? Because it makes every visit to Jeff’s house exciting. Is Whoopi coming? Who just knocked on the door? Is that Corrina, Corrina? Jumpin’ Jack Flash, is she coming or what? Where the whoop? And so on.

What will I do tomorrow? Who knows. Maybe photoshop some pictures that make it look like I’ve been hanging out with Justin Timberlake, maybe eat some cereal, the point being, the world’s my oyster.


One response to “Whoopmii Goldberg

  1. It’s better than I imagined it would be.

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