The Quest for the Perfect Bar Entry Song Entry #001: Finally

The question of what song would play every time you enter a bar is the happy hour topic equivalent of fast food in that the conversation only comes to an end when people get tired of discussing it,  not when they run out of things to say.  It’s not that it’s some kind of broad, ambivalent, meaning-of-life question, but more that answers tend to grow and evolve and change over time as we do.

It’s with this unending question in mind that I am adding a weekly addition to this blog. Every week I’ll pick a new song to play every time I enter a bar in the parallel fantasy universe where whatever is happening stops right before I enter and switches to a pre-selected ear-busting ass-kicking accompaniment. (I’ll also try and explain why).

I was tempted for my first entry to go with something cool, maybe classic or indie rock, something timeless and smart, something that would tell the world a little about who Jeff Gonick is. But instead, because I’m not entirely full of shit, I’ve decided to use the answer I’ve given more times than any other:

Why would I want The Final Countdown to shadow my arrival time and again? There’s lots of reasons, it has an epic opening that simultaneously mixes fear and excitement like only a good horror movie can, there’s the opening riffs that go perfect with an entrance that includes a breakaway jumpsuit that reveals a tuxedo beneath, and there’s the fact that it offers a promise of something great at some point in the night that imbues the entrant with intrigue, to name a few.

All that aside, the proof is in the rock-pudding. Go ahead, wait till the video loads, scroll to the middle, turn your headphones or speakers way up and press play, then tell me you can’t see the whole bar high-fiving each other until their palms are swollen and demand the icey side of a cold drink. Exactly.


One response to “The Quest for the Perfect Bar Entry Song Entry #001: Finally

  1. I would like for “Sway” by the Heartless Bastards to play when I walk in. I would also like for crowds to part as I casually stroll up to the bar and order a dirty martini from a cute bartender. He shakes and pours into a perfectly chilled glass, everyone smiles at me, I lift the glass to toast and we all sip together. Then we dance.

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