My New Favorite Website


What’s funnier than racism? The answer: nothing! That’s why is my new favorite website. I never knew that the language barrier could be so hilarious. Okay that’s not true. I’ve always known it could be hilarious, just not this hilarious. There’s something about people from another country that don’t speak English trying to put English on their packaging/greeting cards/signage that doesn’t get old. It’s kind of like Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” skit only the exact opposite.

Now that I’m thinking about opposites, I’m beginning to realize that this site isn’t racist against Asian people, it’s the opposite. If anything it’s racist against Americans. proves the stereotype that the peoples of the Far East are more hardworking and industrious than the rest of us. The only reason there’s no Japanese version making fun of America for the same thing is because America is too lazy to try and print Japanese or Chinese or any other language incorrectly on our exported candies.

I guess really isn’t my new favorite website. It can’t be. It’s rabid Anti-American Pro-Asian sentiment doesn’t sit well in the depths of shadow cavern where heart lives among the sky trees of happiness with Jeff at all.


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