Day 3: Stuff!

We started off my birthday by going to this guy’s personal tailgate in the afternoon (you can find more pics of everything here). It was generally fun, the beer flowed like wine, smiles abounded like whatever abounds a lot and high-fives echoed in joyful cacophony, but it forced a bigger question into my head. The event had all the usual trappings of a tailgate (beer, food, happiness), but there were no cars, no actual tails o’ gate. So I ask you, what exactly is a tailgate? Does it require vehicles as per the source of it’s name or is it a broader idea? Is any pre-football-sports-type-event party a tailgate? Really, what makes a thing what it is? Is it the idea of it or the characteristics?

Any-who, Matthew (my weeklong roommate) was supposed to go to the Pro Bowl, which would have been fun for him but would have left me, for the rest of my post-tailgate birthday, alone. Using the mad crazy guilting skills given me by the never-metioned Jew side of my lineage, I convinced him to give his ticket away and instead spend the night bar-hopping with me. Once we had our plan in hand, we needed a bar to start with, so we asked the photographer*:

The Cobra Snake

He told us about some spot that would be perfect to start any journey to all the bars in Miami, so, after dinner, we went. I’d insert a picture of the fun we were having but all the shots I snapped last night are dark and blurry and make it look like we spent the evening inside a horror movie instead of a watering hole near the water with giant pictures of Street Fighter 2 characters on the walls and music so loud it made my brain start to wiggle with the beat.

As is often the case when people intend to bar hop, we never left the comfortable couchy corner we posted up in. Instead of touring all the bars in the city, we toured one twenty square foot region of one bar, talked to an endless stream of strangers about an endless stream of tangentially related topics and carried an endless conversation about music that peaked with an agreement that Wu Tang is pretty much the greatest sonic collective of all time, ever.

We also spent a good portion of the night discussing personal slogans and taglines. I think mine describes the entirety of the night better than another three paragraphs or two-dozen pictures ever could. Wait for it, wait for it…


It’s fantastic, isn’t it? Not sure what’s in store for tonight, but I’ll keep you posted**.

*It’s a picture of a photographer. It’s infinite. Like the Land O’ Lakes box.

**Get it? I write “posts” and I said I’d keep you “posted”. Puns are amazing***.

***That’s Matthew’s tagline.


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